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Who we are

WE are..

..a community of like-minded concerned parents, professionals, faith-based organizations and civic groups breaking down divisive barriers as we focus on a common goal of personal and community transformation rooted in proven research and time-tested methods

we believe..

..that within each person is a God-given ability to live life in fullness and initiating the exploration of that fullness begins with a single step of will-power.

All successful mentorships begins with relationship and walking ‘arm-in-arm’ with commitment. 

Our volunteer training covers three key areas: to inspire, equip and unleash themselves and those they serve into their unique purpose and destiny. 


What a precious family of prayer support, encouragement, partnership and love! 
We SO appreciate this fabulous team!

Our primary

 perspective.. summed up in these statements below... We respect and liaison with many organizations, but our overall goal is rebuilding and strengthening "RELATIONSHIPS with God, Self, Others and the Rest of Creation.... *" We believe that the order of this process is essential for sustained transformation.

"...many Christian relief and development organizations exhibit the tendencies of Evangelical Gnosticism.  It is not that rational thinking and technology are bad; rather, the point is that they should not be worshiped as though they have power apart from their Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer.  Furthermore, because human beings are highly integrated mind-affections-will-body-relational creatures, it takes far more than rational thought and technology to achieve human flourishing."
<From "Becoming Whole"**>

*The Chalmers Center (
** "Becoming Whole:Why the Opposite of Poverty Isn't the American Dream" by Brian Fikkert & Kelly M. Kapic Pg 134

Our Core values

  • Promote a healthy and Godly physical lifestyle

  • Live passionate, determined, teachable and willing

  • Reflect a Culture of Honor

  • Build relationships on principles of honesty and integrity 

  • Respect, honor and serve our Community and each other despite differences

  • Communicate sincerely and openly 

  • Maintain a positive work environment and family spirit

  • Do more with less: economize in every area

  • Use resources wisely and with integrity

  • Respect nature and steward our planet within a framework of sustainability

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