What we're doing

That's Pascuel, with donated essentials and food items purchased from Cmas gift cards - THANKS to the faithful volunteers from Nova Vida Church at Kingdom City (www.nova-vidahave) who have been instrumental in reaching these kids.

We distributed donated items via Elijah Rising (www.elijahrising.org) for needy youth at Alief ISD. The kids and staff  working with these kids are supported by great efforts from Alief Coalition for the homeless (www.aliefcfh.org) - who effectively assist the nearly 2000 Homeless Students in the Alief school district.

Moving forward in Freedom
ONE heart at a time...

SUNDAY STREETS in Alief TX - we prayed with 23 people!  -

That's Mary Lynn: faithful friend, supporter and volunteer: praying with ex gang members!

That's C... he received Jesus at the Park Outreach and has committed to a life-style change: starting his own car detailing business!  
+ John 10:27-28 TPT +
"My own sheep will hear my voice and I know each one, and they will follow me.  I give to them the gift of eternal life and they will never be lost and no one has the power to snatch them out of my hands."

 Outreach at the Park! Between soccer and ultimate frisbee we served food, shared testimonies and prayed for people hanging out in the park. Since the event more students have become big parts of the youth group community after first getting connected at this event. We met C. here... =>>

We are launching an initiative: “Re-Purposed & Up-Cycled: Youth Collaboration” and have outlined plans and structure for a youth center where targeting vulnerable youth ages 14-19

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