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Close your eyes and smell the sea? Block out the noise and ‘hear’ the rustling of the wind blowing the trees as seeds fall with a thud to the ground in search of finding fertile soil to SPROUT, GROW ROOTS, EXPAND AND THRIVE to repeat this amazing cycle of Nature! What a sight to behold and what an honor to smell, hear, touch, and see as we partake & “taste” and we join in with this glorious upward cycle.

Are we, as the current mature generation, creating healthy soil for these seedlings to SPROUT into fruitfulness, GROW ROOTS, EXPAND in healthy and wholesome environments, and THRIVE? If not me and you, then WHO? This is a CALL out of comfort and sitting in the bleachers to joining in the ARENA as we work together, linked arm-and-arm to offer an environment that has a fragrance of wholesome nourishment that these seeds can FLOURISH = full of HOPE, DREAMS and PROMISE and: say YES to this CALL! Sign me up!

Contact us: connect@destinyportal.org