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How easy it is to look on the surface of situations, people and political rhetoric and draw an emotional conclusion without really seeking TRUTH! We all do it – to our demise as citizens and ‘stewards’ of this earth. This is SO true when we ‘judge’ the behavior of someone. The ‘normal’ human reaction is to compare them to our current reality or value system and see where they ‘fit’ on our personal scale of ‘normalcy’. What a sad statement that is and what a far cry from the demonstration of ‘judgement’ set forth by the One who came to demonstrate true, pure LOVE and lived it until death.

This is such a key as we get to know and build relationship with those who need and appreciate affirmation, wholesome and healthy friends and a listening ear. Whether you believe in God or not, there is a plumb line of decency that human beings agree on, especially in regard to protection of children, stewardship of this planet, care of our bodies, and respect for others, (meaning their lives as well as their ‘belongings’). It is baffling to see how the proponents of extended boundaries of “freedom” are willing to lose sight of these plumb lines in favor of a broad and ill-defined “freedom” while they live behind locked doors, intense security and high walls! What a hypocrisy!

Back to the plumb line…. REAL freedom is issued into our lives as we seek the TRUE freedom within ourselves as well as that of others: this comes from the INSIDE, with our agreement with basic TRUTH, that we are NOT here for ourselves, but to LOVE God, LOVE others and live a life demonstrating THAT pure love that leads to TRUE and LASTING and PERPETUATING FREEDOM. This ONLY comes from a pure and loving God – demonstrated on this earth through Jesus Christ.

WOW, you may say, how did “religion” get into this… it’s NOT about Religion, it’s about agreement… are you agreeing with and seeking TRUTH, the plumb line OR are you grasping at straws that others freely handout as “truth” only to find that they are not made of plastic OR paper, but mere grass… This has been my experience in over 60 years on this earth. Having meditated, tried church, joined cult, smoked this and that, drank ‘spirits’ and thought knowledge would lead me there. Until I cried out to an invisible God with my whole heart for truth – HE answered. It’s not a free “carousal” ride of continual JOY and BLISS – but a WAR for TRUTH that is more than worth fighting for.

Are you LOOKing beyond the surface?

That’s why I am here… How about YOU?