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Just Down the Road

Down the road from my house young school-aged boys and girls ‘sell’ one of the only things they own: their bodies – in exchange for enough money to live one more day: to pay for a motel room, buy some new shoes, enjoy a nice meal or pay for the laundromat.  Yes, down the road – about 3 miles from the home I am living in with my family.

SO, there is a choice here: I can complain to everyone, asking God WHY? I can write my congressman. I can hand out free something for these children, I can pass out pieces of paper so they can go to church OR I can be an active part of the solution.  How can we do that?

That’s WHY you are reading this – you care, you hear THE call, the VIBRATION, a VOICE and you feel led to be an active part of the solution.  We have come to a pivotal place: looking at the problem, seeking a solution and we feel that we have a first step as we investigated the ROOT cause and a HINGE-POINT solution that we are pressing into that is unpacking the real problems with REAL and active and workable solutions… You are joining us now by reading this, because you care.  The only reason those ‘kids’ are down the street doing whatever is necessary to survive another day, is because I/WE did/DO nothing? Join us in this ACTIVE FIGHT again evil!

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