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Bringing out the BEST in EVERYONE

YOUTH: Although this was written for adults in the workplace - let's adapt it to our kids! IT WORKS!

Being able to bring out the best in others is a skill that involves just 10% natural inclination; the other 90% has to be deliberate, says Wellins: “It can’t be learned by listening to a lecture or reading examples,” he says. “It needs to be practiced, reinforced, and used day to day.” (see full article link below)

I’m reading a book by Darren Hardy called: “The Compound Effect” that my son, Dan recommended. In the last year, I have seen a drastic change in my son: he is more focused, happier and healthier. He attributed these results to simple life changes that “compounded” over time. These included food choices, time management, priorities, and honesty. Initially, NOT huge dramatic changes, just very small changes, like changing 1 meal habit, or taking a daily 10 minute walk, or….. (you fill in the blanks) but over-time these changes have endured and the desired results are evident.

These principles need to be taught to our NEXT GENERATION…

I will be releasing some DAILY HABIT suggestions – these are slightly edited but want to give the credit to www.fastcompany.com:


Good leaders (Parents) identify the strengths of individuals and give employees (Youth) opportunities to use them, says Wellins. “They cultivate and optimize others’ talents and capabilities,” he says.

While some strengths will be obvious, good leaders/parents schedule one-on-one meetings and ask questions such as, “What do you enjoy doing most as part of your work/daily duties/home school?” and “What do you miss most about the jobs (Schooling, activities etc) you’ve had in the past and why?”

LISTEN carefully to the responses and ASK again if you do not completely understand. Then lead by drawing conclusions how they can solve their own ‘problem’ or fill in the need. THESE responses become effective when the idea comes from THEM – not being TOLD what to do but emphasizing how THEY can make choices to find what THEY are looking for. This is NOT easy, but well-worth the effort!

THIS IS A SIMPLE EXERCISE that will have GREAT IMPACT on you and your YOUTH/CHILDREN…. I will be posting more suggestions that I hope are helpful. Comment below or email me at: c.j.arnold@destinyportal.org.