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I founded Sky Productions, and now run the company with Alison MacInnis. My bio:

Born to US Embassy / Missionary parents, Steven Skyler’s career in the spotlight began at the age of four with shining performances in plays and musical acts across the world. At fifteen he competed in a nationwide talent/modeling search and placed in the top three. At that same tender age of fifteen, Steven secured a record deal and became a Thai pop sensation in the boy band, Ozone. He was involved with the inception of Bangkok fashion week, has starred in more than forty commercials, and has filmed numerous films and TV shows.

After moving to the US, Steven went on to write and produce a solo rock album entitled, “Project Secret Sky”. He then directed, produced, and starred in his first music video for his single, The Secret, after which he was invited to come work for Adam Anders, famed Glee music producer, behind the scenes, and was quickly asked to be a part of the popular singing group, The Warblers. Soon after, Steven was lured away from Glee to play Antonio, the Gold Ranger on Power Rangers Samurai, which led to the successful launch of Steven’s production company, Secret Sky Productions, Inc.

Steven is still acting and most recently landed a co-starring role in the latest John Malcovich movie, Valley of the Gods, opposite Josh Hartnet. His film directorial debut, My American Dream, is currently making the film festival circuits, and will be released to the public some time in the next year. When he's not filming, Steven is usually writing/recording music, or on the phone brokering fine art deals.

Steven Skyler

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