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Carl & Judith Arnold

“We are passionate about helping every child have opportunity to live up to their full potential. Children are 30% of our population, but 100% of our future, and our heartfelt and purposeful care for children today will be reflected in generations to come."

We met in Rome, Italy, and worked in Europe for eight years before moving with three of our  soon to be six children to Thailand in the early 80’s. We love the people and culture of Thailand, and worked alongside government officials, families and educators for 25 years to bring hope and purpose to needy children and families.  Three of our six children were born there, and together we lived a life of helping those in need as we grew as a family in the awareness that true purpose and fulfillment in life comes from giving to others.  We worked with youth and families, reaching and empowering them for change using education, music, theater, therapy/counseling, and a variety of social and community development programs.


In 2005, we moved to California, and to Texas in 2010, and continued to learn more effective, hands-on approaches to caring for, and bettering the lives of children and young people. We had the opportunity to work with Boys and Girls Country, Houston for 5 ½ years ( There, we saw daily, real-life examples attesting that equipping young people, and even adults, to take control of their future was not only empowering, but was an effective way to break negative cultural and spiritual cycles in families and society. When we meet the physical and practical needs of children who have experienced abandonment, trauma, neglect and abuse; it helps on a certain level. What we've found to be most important is reaching their hearts through unconditional love, and leading them to find spiritual freedom; as well as their true, God-given destinies. We have seen that this launches them on a path of true happiness, independence and purpose.”

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