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Educationing in a New Normal 2020

Launching innovative ideas and solutions as we Educate our next generation to reflect a New Era.

September of this year Judith spoke at a TEDx event in Alief TX and the response was overwhelmingly positive. She shared the history and journey of the education of her 6 children (now adults) as they lived and grew up in Europe and South East Asia, living abroad for 35 years. The title of her talk is "EDUCATIONING in a New Normal".  Here is the talk that was released in late Oct 2020:

Click here is a detailed written summary of the talk....


The opportunity with TEDx is opening up new and innovative ways to continue to promote the mission of "The Destiny Portal". Our heart is to offer progressive, insightful and meaningful EDUCATIONING (learning) options for students of all ages and come along side parents and guardians. We, our children and families face unprecedented challenges met with unlimited possibilities while transitioning into a new era in history. It is time we take back the reigns of personal involvement with what our children are learning, based on their talents and interests while adapting to an ever-changing society.  Our future depends on us raising FREE thinkers, inventors and future adults who can problem solve "out of the box": motivated by love, compassion and empathy.

"TDP Educationing" is creating opportunities for students of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds to FLY with us to endless possibilities...

                                                                                     JOIN us as we pioneer uncharted territory! 

  • Starting soon:

    • Weekly Zoom Classes with various topics - suggested by YOU - Q&A and building "community"

    • Bringing back the 'trades" and independent, sustainable life-styles

      • Gardening classes​, hydroponics & indoor gardens

      • Baking, cooking and preparing healthy foods

      • Sewing, carpentry, blacksmithing, re-purposing, 

      • Budgeting for sustainability

      • Many More!

    • Academic excellence: Reading, research and life-long-learning skills​

Educational Gardening

We're growing and learning as we strive to improve and reflect the interests and needs of the next generation.

JOIN our/your tribe - you have a voice and you will be heard! By submitting your information here, we will use it only for communication with us and to "keep you in the loop" of  progress etc.  


Judith Arnold

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