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This is a collection of valuable articles on parenting, help sources, and relevant social insights to aid and uplift parents, or those in a guardian position. Have something to share? Head over to our members area and post, we'd love to read what you've found!


Close your eyes and smell the sea? Block out the noise and ‘hear’ the rustling of the wind blowing the trees as seeds fall with a thud to the ground in search of finding fertile soil to SPROUT, GROW ROOTS, EXPAND AND THRIVE to repeat this amazing cycle of Nature! What a sight to behold and what an honor to smell, hear, touch, and see as we partake & “taste” and we join in with this glorious upward cycle. Are we, as the current mature generation, creating healthy soil for these seedlings to SPROUT into fruitfulness, GROW ROOTS, EXPAND in healthy and wholesome environments, and THRIVE? If not me and you, then WHO? This is a CALL out of comfort and sitting in the bleachers to joining in the ARE

Just Down the Road

Down the road from my house young school-aged boys and girls ‘sell’ one of the only things they own: their bodies – in exchange for enough money to live one more day: to pay for a motel room, buy some new shoes, enjoy a nice meal or pay for the laundromat.  Yes, down the road – about 3 miles from the home I am living in with my family. SO, there is a choice here: I can complain to everyone, asking God WHY? I can write my congressman. I can hand out free something for these children, I can pass out pieces of paper so they can go to church OR I can be an active part of the solution.  How can we do that? That’s WHY you are reading this – you care, you hear THE call, the VIBRATION, a VOICE and y


How easy it is to look on the surface of situations, people and political rhetoric and draw an emotional conclusion without really seeking TRUTH! We all do it – to our demise as citizens and ‘stewards’ of this earth. This is SO true when we ‘judge’ the behavior of someone. The ‘normal’ human reaction is to compare them to our current reality or value system and see where they ‘fit’ on our personal scale of ‘normalcy’. What a sad statement that is and what a far cry from the demonstration of ‘judgement’ set forth by the One who came to demonstrate true, pure LOVE and lived it until death. This is such a key as we get to know and build relationship with those who need and appreciate affirmatio

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