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This is a collection of valuable articles on parenting, help sources, and relevant social insights to aid and uplift parents, or those in a guardian position. Have something to share? Head over to our members area and post, we'd love to read what you've found!

Repurposed and Upcycled

In continued partnership/alliance with ministries, nonprofits, churches, youth groups, young adult groups, businesses, and professionals looking to actively change the downward trend of homelessness, poverty and hopelessness we are building a team to: ​ TEACH, TRAIN and MODEL how to RE-PURPOSE donated items, making them into something useful - items will then be available online or in-house for sale for a donation which goes directly to the student who makes them! Together we’re / they’re being RE-PURPOSED… for God’s usefulness... ​ How to manage: money, health, studies, career goals, relationships and through His Loving Hands, a living relationship with an awesome God! ​ Tutors, trainers, m

Unifying For Community Transformation

Uniting TOGETHER as a force for change is one of the most essential elements for Community Transformation and a ‘force’ worth “fighting for”. ”The unity of Christendom is not a luxury, but a necessity. The World will go limping until Christ's prayer that all may be one is answered. We must have unity- not at all costs, but at all risks. A unified Church is the only offering we dare present to the coming Christ, for in it alone will He find room to dwell." Charles H. Brent This is NOT an easy accomplishment! The current political trends and cultural voices scream: “It’s all about ME!” We have lived and worked in 6 different countries - by far the most challenging is the one we are living in n

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