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This is a collection of valuable articles on parenting, help sources, and relevant social insights to aid and uplift parents, or those in a guardian position. Have something to share? Head over to our members area and post, we'd love to read what you've found!

Moving into Community TRANSFORMATION

Looking at the SCOPE of where our community is AT currently and WHAT we see it CAN be... catapults us to a "NOW let's move together FORWARD" === for sustainable transformation... We are seeking community developers who are willing to purchase HOMES and PROPERTIES in the ALIEF area so we can manage the home, staff it with a reliable couple, have their HOME available to receive needy children (teens) in the community and PARENT them and LOVE them with the unconditional LOVE OF CHRIST.... We need, want and appreciate your support... this strategy is a NEW concept and we are looking for partners who are willing to step out of a COMFORT ZONE into the UNKNOWN to say YES, let's DO THIS!!! Contact m

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