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This is a collection of valuable articles on parenting, help sources, and relevant social insights to aid and uplift parents, or those in a guardian position. Have something to share? Head over to our members area and post, we'd love to read what you've found!

20 Ways to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen

The WAY we talk to our kids has a huge impact on their learning and ability to listen to us. We are constantly modeling to our kids how to act and behave and the way we talk to them fits right into this category. The way we speak to them and those around us is showing them how we want them to speak back to us. I have found that there are generally three different ways that parents communicate with their kids. The first one is in an aggressive way. These parents yell a lot, put their kids down and use attacking words. Their children respond in many different ways, mainly by playing up a lot more, feeling fearful, yelling back and ignoring their parents’ constant orders. The second form of com

Parenting a Strong-willed Child

CBN.com TEACHING FROM EXPERIENCE Many parents suspect their strong-willed child is deliberately trying to drive them crazy. Difficult to discipline and seemingly impossible to motivate, these children present unique, exhausting, and often-frustrating challenges to those who love them. Cynthia Tobias knows a thing or two about raising a strong-willed child (SWC). Not only was she a SWC herself, but she reared twin boys, one of which was the quintessential SWC. In addition, in her role as an author and educator, she’s helped thousands of parents and educators learn how to bring out the best in their SWCs. Cynthia says you see SWC everywhere. At first glance, strong-willed children might seem l

Understanding Your Strong-Willed Child

*article from www.focusonthefamily.ca/content/what-sets-them-off-understanding-your-strong-willed-child If you have a strong-willed child in your family, I’m sure you already know it. You don’t need anyone to point him or her out to you. Typically smart, confident and loyal, strong-willed children show a remarkable capacity for creative thinking and problem-solving, and a nothing-gonna-get-in-my-way determination to achieve their goals. Like many parents though, this enviable set of traits is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of your child. Most likely, you think first of their iron-strong will, and their penchant for challenging your authority. For onlookers,

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