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Intentional Community

L.A.N.D    Living A Now Destiny

Harmonizing Diversity

Our Culture reflects an empathetic view of the personal journey of each of its partners by respecting the purity of creation in our pursuit of harmonized sustainable community. 

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Purpose & What we See...

We are seeing a self-sustaining intentional community based around agricultural, environmental, and social projects as well as the personal growth of each of our partners and  members. 


Our vision is to cultivate a sample of harmonious living while preserving the purity of natural resources, using our initial community as a prototype for others to replicate.


The culture of these communities is based  on intentionally working towards a harmonious living situation as we reach out beyond ourselves and our walls to reflect a place of freedom, sustainability, hope, unity and love. 

This co-operative living model will be based around outside local community need. Each community will find the unique needs within the geographic area of the community. We plan to have some sort of fresh foods for sale, a local education center and/or craft shop, workshop and seminar facilities or local store.  Part of the pre-planning before any community is established is discovering what the local community needs, and meeting that need which also brings in finances in accordance with our mandate of sustainability and the infinite perpetual motion of giving.  This could also include safe housing for children, specialized schools, activities for underserved communities, homes for elderly, healthy healing modalities, and teaching self-sufficiency.

Our L.A.N.D community will model proven eco-efficient: water, electricity and re-cycling systems. We will be raising and breeding live-stock, growing vegetables and some fruits and herbs. First of all to feed the community, but beyond what we use will be available to the local community.

Here is an example of what we're considering for the first 92 acre community

  • 10-20 person co-housing intentional community 

  • 5-10 RV/Van camp sites

  • 7-12 cabins or yurts

  • 5 primitive campsites

  • Bathroom and shower facilities for guests

  • 30-40 seat coffee shop/restaurant/bakery

  • Gift shop/farm stand

  • Workshop/classroom building

  • Biodynamic farm including cows, gardening and greenhouse (

  • Producing biodynamic compost and worm castings on-site

  • We will have a portable saw mill and solar kiln on-site

  • Live stock:  Zebu cows

  • Eco-machine living waste water treatment plant

  • Cost & environmentally efficient energy sources

" And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity" Col 3:14
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